"Subhan al-lazi Sakh-khar lana Haza Vama kunna Lahuy muqrenin va inna lia-rabbina la mun qale boon".
IH-RAAM (Preferable before departure from home)
  • Clip nails and remove under arm and public hair.
  • Ghusl (bath)
  • Use Ith'r on the body. (Sunnah for males only)
  • Put on Il-raam (Sunnah to do so from home)
  • Perform 2 rak-aat's Il-ramm (Sunnah) with head covered
  • Recite in 1st Rak-aat : Qul ya ayyujal kaaflroon ...
  • Recite in 2nd Rak-aat : Qul huwallahu Ahad...
  • Remove head cover (males). Do not cover head until free from Ih-raam
  • Make Niyat of Umrah
  • Recite the Talbiyah ("Labbayk Allahumma. Labbayk. Labbayk. Lashareeks laka. Labbayk.
    Innal-hamda wan-ndmata laka wal-mulk. La shareeka lak'."
  • udibly for males and in a low voice for females.
  • Remember that now onwards you are in a state of Ih-raam
  • Proceed without delay to Makkah
  • Upon reaching boundry of Makkah (The Hill) recite Masnoon du-aa's
  • Arrange to put belongings at safe place, hotel etc.
  • Enter Haram Sharied with wudhu from Babus Salaam and recite masnoon duaas upon sighting of Ka-bah.
  • From Niyaat For Tawaaf of Umrah (Tawaad-e-Qudoom. The first Tawaf which is performed on arrival at Makkah
    it is obligatory Hajj duty for person performing Hajj Ifrad and Qiran) before reaching the Hajjar Aswad.
  • Proceed with Tawaaf (Perform Rami - Moving around Kaaba at a swift pace in first three circuits of Tawaaf
    while performing Umrah & Iztibaah - - the Ahram cloth wrap on upper part of body passing beneath the right
    arm pit and thrown back on left shoulder) in 1st 3 round only
  • After Tawaaf perform 2 Rak-aat waajib of Tawaaf perferably at Maqaame Ibrahim
  • If possible make duaa at Multaz-m and then proceed to drink Zam-Zam
  • Before going for Saee make Istilaam (Kissing or touching or just facing the Hajar-e-Aswad at commencement
    of each circuit of Tawaf which you performed) of the Ka-bah from whereever Ka-bah Sharief is visible
  • Proceed to Safa to begin Saee. Climb well up to outcrop of rock.
  • Make Niyaat for Saee of Umrah
  • At Marwah too climb well up to outcrop of rock and make du-aa only. Complete the seven passes of Saee in this manner.
    It is better to perform saee with wudhu
  • Perform 2 Rak-aat Naff of Saee anywhere in Haram Sharief if possible.
  • Halq : Shave head (for Tamattu) Halq or hair cut for Umrah(Females could only have a few inches of their hair cut by
    their Mahram after he has had his hair shaved or cut. Other women not in Ih-raam may also do this.)
Now you are out of Ih-raam